SKYLIR ® Complies with FAA international standards according to AC No: 150/5345-45C (Latest Edition) and ICAO Standard part 6 doc 9157.
When required, SKYLIR ® incorporates an upper shelf system to support equipment, in angles and measurements according to each requirement by means of a universal coupling.


  • long life time
  • Folding by support base
  • Resistant to environmental conditions
  • Adaptation for areas of extreme wind
  • Structure resistant to temperature changes
  • corrosion resistant
  • Support strap for lowering
  • Telescopic model for easy installation
Figura 1. Panel de operación para el control de los diferentes circuitos de iluminación de pista y las ayudas visuales.


Frangible mixed towers of more than 20 meters for the ALS system of the Antonio Nariño Airport in the city of Pasto. Frangible mixed towers for the ALS system of the Camilo Daza Airport in the city of Cucuta, frangible and folding towers of the ALS approach system at the Ernesto Cortissoz Airport. Frangible towers German Olano Airport. SSALR system. Frangible masts for security cameras Rafael Nuñez International Airport in the city of Cartagena.
Frangible masts as support for solar panels and energy equipment for EMAS systems in more than 20 airports nationwide.


SKYLIR® is built with excellent quality materials in frangible ANSI 6061-T6 round aluminum that allow it high durability over time and excellent behavior in rain, wind and solar radiation conditions. Its low impact resistance provides the perfect conditions for work in security areas. Available in orange color 12197 international stripe FED-STD-595.


The low impact resistance towers will be built according to the needs of each client and their equipment to be installed, taking into account their height, resistance, impact force, height above sea level.
The low impact resistance masts are built according to the specific characteristics of our clients, taking into account their location, the load to be resisted, height, as well as their folding system.